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Viber For Android – Brings Different platforms Together

Viber For Android - Brings Different platforms Together

Viber is an app that lets you call and text people in your contacts using the same app for free. Viber has been available on ios  for some time now and  and finally it comes to Android.

Viber uses utilizes either your data plan or Wi-Fi connection to place calls and send messages, so instead of using your call minutes it uses your data plan megabytes and now since it Available on the two most used/Popular Smartphone Platforms all the restrictions have been removed.

Viber automatically detects which of your contacts are using viber making it easier to stay in touch. In Android the developer behind this app have taken full advantage of the openness of Android, it’s even supposed to be integrated in the phonebook so you can call without even opening the Viber app. Messaging in neatly organized, though – when you get a text it immediately pops up on your screen and you can quickly reply right there without the need to open the app’s main window.

You can get Viber for Android over here or through your handset’s Android Market.