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(Video)Shahrukh Khan at Nokia E7 Launch – Bad phone + Expensive Marketing

Once Upon a time I a was also a big fan of Nokia and I used to recommend everyone to buy Nokia phones “though they may be lacking in features and maybe a little expensive but they are reliable” that’s what I told Them. Those friends of mine bought the N97 and now they hate me ūüôĀ . I guess that is Why SRK didn’t recommend it at the Launch Event either ;).

Shahrukh Khan with D. Shivakumar (MD & VP - Nokia India) Nokia E7 Launch

Shahrukh Khan was with D. Shivakumar, (MD & VP – Nokia India) at the Nokia E7 Launch. After Watching the Video anybody with little knowledge of the tech world can easily make out that the King Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood isn’t really much of techie himself (Just not his area of interest…I guess).

SRK compares the phone with the decade old Nokia Communicator and how he loved that phone and slight update this phone is from that phone with 4 year technology to this phone with a 2 year old technology. Unlike iPhone ¬†or android the Symbian Operating System^3 Operating System Nokia E7 is Running on¬†doesn’t¬†have many APPS so only few among the few he used on the phone were Angry Birds and some ripoff of the Google Places/ similar app that suggests Places like Hotels,¬†restaurants, tourist¬†spots etc. When SRK said that his¬†Favourite¬†¬†feature of the phone was the OVI store I wondered how Amazed he would have been when he sees the iOS App store.


Well if want to know more about the phone, Nokia E7 just Click here, But you can’t really Blame THE “Shahrukh Khan” if ¬†Nokia can’t make good phones or phones that at least not outdated on Launch Day, he’s an actor, and Entertainer so at the End of the Day it doesn’t really matter what you want him to sell till you are paying the price, your product is not competing with what he is already¬†endorsing and of course if its legal.