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Vodafone & Airtel to BLOCK any Prepaid Number that Remains unused for 60Days

60days or you get banned
60days or you get banned

Both Vodafone and Airtel have announced that they will block any Prepaid number that is unused for 60 days in a row. Both the Network service providers claim that due to the new government guidelines regarding the new number allocation series operators are running out of numbers hence they such law.

Vodafone has already announced that there are 10Million such ‘Irregular Users’ who are going to get Disconnected. So If your home is in a different state and you work/study in a different one & you use your number when you come back which is more than a 60 days period then you gonna get blocked. Even if you have a lifetime/ yearly/ half yearly validity plan it’s not going to matter as you still gonna get blocked. So make a call/ SMS or just get your number recharged if you wanna keep your number or you will lose all the balance in that number (if you have).

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