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What Former Nokia Execs Think About Past Present and Future of Nokia and its CONSUMERS


The New Lumia Series have managed to raise a few eye brows with it’s sale numbers and finally Nokia has a phone in The US that doesn’t have Single Digit sale figures in the from of Nokia Lumia 900, in the past few years at least. Though not enough to bring the glory back as the largest smartphone phone manufacturer in the world.

In its latest quarterly results, Nokia reported a whopping loss of €1.3bn and a €3bn drop in revenue on the same quarter a year ago. In smart phones Nokia now languishes behind iOS and Android.


In an Exclusive Interview with cnet Nokia’s former Senior Vice President of Symbian Series 60, Lee Williams, discussed about Nokia’s glorious past in his days, the current struggling Present, and the questionable Future.

“When I was at Nokia and we shipped a Symbian product and it was bad, in its worst incarnation we knew that if we just flipped the switch, we could move 2.5 to three million units — overnight, no matter how bad the product,” William said. “And now look at it — they flipped the switch and oh, 200,000 [Windows Phone] units out of the gate. Huh? Only selling in the US, under AT&T’s moniker. If you can’t flip the switch like that, Nokia’s dead and devalued.”

It’s that time when I say ” I said So, Symbian is Bad for your Phone”. The guy that held such a senior Positions in thr Ranks of Nokia admits there were riding on peoples faith to sell milion phones and not performance and features of the phone. I guess this what got around to bite them in the behind and let Android and Apple took over.

Even when Symbian was at its most fiddly and awful to use — for us, the mobile user — it was still helping to keep Nokia’s bottom line beautiful. But when Elop announced an absolute switch to Windows Phone long before Nokia had any Lumia devices mobile users could buy, Williams says he effectively transformed the Symbian cash-cow into a dead duck.

“Symbian is shipping on around 20 million new units a quarter as of today. When I was at the company it was responsible for seven of 10 of Nokia’s highest gross margin products. Think of those volumes. There were dozens of products that shipped in the tens of millions,” he adds. “For some perspective, everyone is thinking Lumia and Windows Phone when they look at Nokia now, and from what I can tell they have yet to have a product with this configuration ship close to two million units.”

“If I were making product portfolio level decisions in Nokia right now I know I would not choose Symbian for every product,” he says. “As an example, I put my support behind several Series 40, and MeeGo development initiatives, and loaned engineers out to those efforts, when I was the head of Symbian software in Nokia.

On Windows Phones

“The battery life and imaging capabilities of the current Lumia products support this conclusion,” he says. “Great, now they have a Windows Phone product, and the differentiators are nonexistent, the battery life is orders of magnitude behind their other products, and the best imaging or camera features are not able to be fully realized leveraging the Windows Phone code.

Williams reckons Nokia’s board will give Elop another six months to a year before ushering in what he hopes will be the final, successful course correction

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