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What happend to iPhone 4 India Launch?

iphone indiaAirtel Promised a iPhone 4 this Diwali and Diwali is just FIVE days away… So what happened ? Here are the few reasons why Apple iPhone 4 still not officially launched in India, when its manufactured in India and China.

Did Apple dump India for China ? Late last month Apple launched the iPhone 4 in china and and it was found that the Chinese iPhone 4 google maps shows Arunachal Pradesh in China, then few days later the Indian Government filed a protest against Apple to rectify this incident and there was a possibility that Apple iPhone 4 may be banned  from India, but no strict action has been seen from the government nor have been the Maps been corrected. Now there is some protest in the country and there is a possibility this conspiracy could be the reason of delay.

Airtel and Vodafone launched the iPhone 3GS April this year which was already a year late and top of that Gizmodo iConspiracy had already  happened (you know where they found a iPhone 4 in a bar) and two months later Apple Officially launched the iPhone 4 and the unlocked version was priced at 30,000INR for 16GB in many countries and around 35K in UK, While the newly launched iPhone 3GS launched in India costed 36K INR (16GB), So there was no point is getting the overpriced phone. This explains the fact why Apple did not sell many units India.

We don’t know how Airtel a plans but if they really want to sell the iPhone in India they should not wait for the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S to be launched in the rest of the world and then sell it at a price more than the iPhone 4(iPhone 3GS from Airtel costs more than the unlocked iPhone 4). (To know more about the iPhone in India and the reasons it do to great)

There is a possibility that Apple iPhone is yet not launched in India because Apple is working on a CDMA iPhone, as reported earlier by the wall street journal, Two new Indian Frims have been in talks with apple to get the CDMA iPhone in India(Reliance and Tata). So it is quite possible that Apple will be launching this CDMA phone next year. This rumored CDMA phone is expected to be a world phone i.e. Though it will be locked on a carrier but it will still have a micro Sim slot, a Dual mode phone CDMA and GSM, for eg. Iphone launches a CDMA phone with Reliance but it will still have a microsim slot so that you can always use it on anyother carrier as well. It will be most useful for people who travel abroad, this way they won’t need a second phone to use the  insert an internatioanl SIM….


Well let us start with the summary of what we know so far could be the reasons behind iPhone 4 not launched in India

  1. Apple, China and India conspiracy that Maps in the iPhone 4 in China show parts of india in China
  2. Delay could be at the end of Airtel and Vodafone as even the iPhone 3GS was launched a year late
  3. Apple Might be working on a world phone that is both CDMA and GSM and India will get that world phone

The Bottom line is many Indians were waiting to buy an iPhone after it was officially launched in India and its still not available and I blame it on Airtel for misguiding us and on Apple for ignoring the World’s fastest growing mobile market.