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Where is the Project List in Final Cut Pro X

If like me you have recently updated your Final Cut Pro X after a long time, you might have noticed or are probably looking where they put the list of projects this time. In the earlier versions of FCP X all the projects you have worked on would show as a list together when you open the application and you could hover/ play it from there. I personally didn’t like that feature in the UI as it would often lead to system lag because just hovering your mouse over it will cause it to create cache files and consume RAM.

Final Cut pro X

Apple has moved the projects in the library along with events and imported footage, which sort of seems familiar to the After Effects’ compositions. You can create multiple projects in the same library just like a “Save As” option and double clicking on the project will open the corresponding scene¬†file and your imports will be in events as always.¬†When you create a new library, unlike previous versions it will not auto save it in its self designed folder structure but will prompt you for the location not that it mattered but now it exists.

Even though its a very small change in the UI and not among the hi lights discussed but for me as someone with limited computing power its a welcome upgrade.