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White iPhone 4 Mystery Revealed…

Apple iPhone 4 whiteWhat is the similarity between the White iPhone 4 and the Unicorn?  Both are Mythological creatures know to man by stories, paintings and (in case of iphone 4) videos, images (sometimes in the hands of celebs). But the white iPhone 4 is not longer a myth as guys at Pocket-lint spotted it in a press event in New York, in the hands of a man who’s identity has not been disclosed (let’s call him Mr. W).

So here’s what really happened, Mr. W was at press event in New York when the guys from Pocket-lint spotted him the white iPhone 4 and like any true blogger asked him how he got the phone. He replied that a friend who works at apple hooked him up with a white iPhone 4 (I know, we to expected it to be some MI stealth scene….lol).

Apparently the apple campus is swarming with White iPhone 4s, so why hasn’t it hit the apple stores yet and why does the apple site says “White iPhone currently unavailable for order or in-store pickup”? The truth is Apple is withholding the white iPhones is because the white paint used on the Home button and the paint used on the case of the devices aren’t matching up.  Steve Jobs is known to be a bit of a perfectionist, so it’s not surprising that he wouldn’t release a mismatched white iPhone 4. Now I am sure apple doesn’t need another antennagate or a glassgate on their hands. Colorgate!!! So why is there a mismatch in the first place? The reason the phone never reached mass production was because two different manufacturers produced the plastic button and glass front/back plates. The problem reportedly had to do with keeping the color consistent when using different materials and suppliers. Matching the shade and translucency of the white must have been enough of a challenge that Apple’s quality control never approved the phone for a wide release.

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We heard this story before, long time ago there was car launched call the Maruti Sazuki Swift, and just like the iPhone people went crazy about it and was a hit world over and ironically there was no white model at lunch because of some color consistency issues. Few months later when the sales had started to cool down, they launched the one in white which ignited the sales again. In the previous iPhone models it was noted that people preferred black over white, now we I believe that apple is actually holding the white iPhone 4, and during this holiday season when all new Windows Phone 7, Android, Symbian, Palm with Palm Pre 2 and improved WebOS, etc launch their new models, Apple will launch the White iPhone 4 and BANG!!! Everybody wants it, it’s awesome, Antennagate, glassgate all forgotten and even there are people who already got the black iPhone are getting this one ( even they don’t know why…lol). But you won’t be surprised because now you know.