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Will Motorola unlock the BootLoader and be more Android Like?


Motorola right now sells Android phone that have a locked bootloader in other words it Makes very Difficult and risky to install non market Apps and custom ROMS, HTC  recently announced that they will be unlocking the BootLoader of the first phone they came out with a locked bootloader called the Thunderbolt after some dissatisfied fans requested politely in their own way.

Even  Sony Ericsson also known for not upgrading their android phones recently had a self realization and decided to unlock the the Bootloaders for the Developer community  to provide customs upgrades for the Phones. It was about time they realized  the meaning of OPEN SOURCE then have and had been Banking on.

Motorola is one of the biggest Android Phone Manufacturers in the world and they also make one of the Greatest devices out there and when they sold they came out with the Motorola Droid everybody thought now this is a company that knows the meaning of Android and Open source, but then they soon launched a line of some nice looking phones running their own custom UI which also made the phone slow but that was not the main problem, The main issue was these phones came with locked bootloader so the user was stuck with the stock User Interface.

Recently, a Motorola experienced user named Irwin Proud wrote in his Twitter that Motorola will no longer lock bootloader. Motorola listened to the advice of its users and actively made some improvements accordingly. Under the premise of guaranteeing the application safety of users and interests of their partners, Motorola will start unlocking bootloader at the end of this year to make more room for the users to entertain themselves with the phone.