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Windows Phone 7 can now run apps behind the Lockscreen

windows-phone-7Initially, for the apps to run behind the Windows 7 Phone‘s locked screen [even be it in the background], each time, it required the user permission. That’s past.

According to the new set of policies for Windows Phone 7 introduced by Microsoft on Friday, apps approved by Microsoft – – requires the app to run for 6 hours if playing audio, 120 hours if otherwise – – can do so, without explicit user permission.

While this move is a pretty good one, Microsoft has yet to make some amendments to the Windows Phone 7 API. As put by popular app makers, Layar (augmented reality apps) and Fring (video chat apps), the Windows Phone 7 offers little or no access to the camera API, which doesn’t allow developers to create video chat/augmented reality apps for the mobile OS.

You should see more corrections from Microsoft soon.