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Windows Phone 7 gets third party browser “+”

Microsoft will now be allowing third party browsers on its Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, so long as they’re built on IE code.

First out of the blocks is Browser+, which is built upon IE code, according to Engadget.

There’s not going to be any Firefox or Chrome any time soon, but at least you’ve got a bit more choice.

Browser+ has been sent out to a few websites (ours is on the way) and the initial reports suggest that it is a little more accessible than the Windows Phone 7 stock browser with a Google search box nicely integrated into browser window.

There has been a few bugs reported, but the browser is still, presumably, in the beta stages. No doubt these niggles will all be ironed out before the browser app hits the Windows Marketplace.

Here’s a video of the new Browser+ app below: