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Windows phone 7 Now Does Tethering

Windows-Phone-7Experts have discovered (using a Samsung handset) that the Windows Phone 7 has an additional feature not previously realised. This is tethering.

It isn’t known if all smartphones using this new system feature it or if it just applies to Samsung devices. Whichever it is, discovering this new option has got people excited, particularly since Microsoft actually denied it exists.

A few websites, including HDBlogit have discovered that by typing in ##634# to gain access the diagnostics menu on the Samsung Omnia7 you will be able to switch on the tethering option by selecting ‘Modem, Thethered Call’ option.

It seems that currently Samsung is the only manufacturer with the feature built into its handsets.

What is tethering?

Tethering is a way of using the internet as a gateway or access point to connect to other devices. It uses the smartphone’s built-in software or mobile applications and depends on the base operating system being used.

Other devices may connect to the gateway via Bluetooth and WiFi or by USB.

There are disadvantages to using tethering. One could be a violation of the terms of use laid down by a network operator. Using it may also incur high charges.