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Windows Phone Reaches 100,000 Apps Submissions. How did others do?


Windows Phone 7 operating system has reached 100,145 app submissions which means 100,000 Apps were submitted for approval to be in the Window Phone 7 App market. Actually at this time there are 88,371+ apps live available to download.

It took him Windows Phone 7 20 months to reach 100,000 apps, it took iPhone’s iOS 16 months and it has now reached above 650,000. It took Android 24 months reach the mark it has reached above 500,000 mark. Blackberry has been there before iOS and it still hasn’t reached the 100,000 mark as Blackberry’s hardware’s restrictions and fragmentation has pushed developers away as it costs more to make Apps for the platform than it will revenue it will return.

There are only 77,450 apps available in the United States. All About Windows Phone points out that while most apps are available in English, many are not. Further, not all apps are available in all markets. U.S. Windows Phone owners have a better selection than any other market. The closest are the United Kingdom with 72,933 available apps, Australia with 70,036, France with 69,879,