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With 3G Unrestrictor Use WiFi only Apps Also on 3G

3G Unrestrictor 5Apps like Facetime, iCloud syncing photo stream etc are apps that can only run on Wifi and not cellular Data Connection like 3G, Edge and GPRS. Even Apps that can run on Cellular Data have restrictions, for example YouTube can only play HD videos when on WiFi and so will the App Store not let you download Apps above 20MB when not on WiFi. Maybe Apple doesn’t want you to accidentally waste money on downloading or it’s Just their Way Showing they are in Power.

The Latest Version of 3G Unrestrictor 5 has iOS 5 Support which will enable your iPhone to run any WiFi dependent Application of 3G or 2G by tricking it into believing it is WiFi.

3G Unrestrictor 5 allows you to use 3G on:

  • FaceTime
  • Photo Stream
  • iCloud Backups
  • You Tube in high quality
  • Large downloads over App Store and iTunes Store
  • Plus many more.

Users who have already purchased the original ’3G Unrestrictor’ tweak can upgrade to the newest version for a limited time for a price of $0.99, while new users have to dish out $3.99. You will obviously need to have jailbroken device to run it.