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WordPress Jetpack Site Stats 404 Error Temp Fix (when clicked Single Day Stats)


Since Last night many WordPress users have reported that when the click on Stats for a single day they get 404 error but when viewed all stats together the Stats work fine and you can see the top posts of ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’. Uninstalling and reinstalling WordPress site stats or Jetpack will not help your cause right now.

The problem has been identified on WordPress version 3.1. and above and Jetpack version 1.1 and above . We are not sure why this problem has occurred nor has WordPress or the Developers of Jetpack given any official reason to this problem.

But there are two temporary fix to that problem, in India we call these types of solution Jugads.

Solution One – Google Analytics

Google have their pretty good Site Traffic Monitoring System that can monitor your Site Traffic give your details about how many came from where, what browser of what version of which device and which OS they were using. You can set targets for your site, integrate Adsense and Adwords Analysis as well. There are Many more Feature that you can find on

Also you can go to the WordPress Plugin section that will provide Plugins to Integrate and Google Analytics into your site and can find plugins that will give dashboard widgets and site stats pages similar to the WordPress Site Stats.

Solution Two –

Go to dashboard (Login with your ID and Password first), on the left site below the Dasboard menu you will fine the link to Site Stats.
When you click on the link you will the same Stats interface that you seen on your domain. If you have multiple domains or also have a blog then on the right site above the Statistic bars there will be a drop down menu. You can click on that menu and chose the domain/site you want to see the stats for.
Now if you click the Bar to see which post/ page got how many views from what source and which links did they click while they were there you will find what you are looking for.

We will inform you when/if the permanent fix is available to this problem, maybe we will see an update to the Jetpack plugin to Fix this Erros