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WP7 is Now Nokia’s Primary platform Accepts Symbian has no Future

nokia concept Windows phone 7Microsoft’s new operating system is now Nokia’s Primary Platform for mobiles in the Near Future .  This Decision has  indeed been a surprise for everyone as just few months a ago when nokia Launched the N8 told about the Promising Future of the Symbian OS and talks about the Symbian^4 OS.  According to Nokia it had two choices for the its primary Platform, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS, but they say if they Chose Android it would have created a Duoply in the market with Only 2 Major OS’s Android and Apples’s iOS (ya right!!! like the shitty Symbian Monopoly which these OS freed us From). The truth is  Nokia Has been taking cheap shots at Google and their Android Community, like the comment the former Nokia Ceo said that ” Android Reminds Nokia of peeing their pants” and after all this it might been Google who rejected to work with Nokia rather than what they tell us which is actually the opposite of what they said. Also the Nokia Decision to abandon Symbian like this and their newest line symbian phones including their best (their best only…) the N8 has resulted in a lot of protest in their home town in Finland.

Nokia Also said if they choose Android they would have very little to compete on in the Mobile Ecosystem and will Google will be running everything (I guess they refer to the fact that glitches in phone are fixed with updates and not coming out with new phone with same hardware but updates OS, I guess its a similar problem with hardcore former symbian Manufacturers its tough to let their ego go and give timely updates, and then they wonder why is apple doing is so great.) Truth is Android is an Open Source Platform and they can Modify as they want and out any UI on top of it, they have full control but they chose WP7 which is following Apple and have developed a closed based OS where all manufacturers will have the same user interface, similar hardware, same placements buttons and the only difference there is would be on basis of looks, camera and availability of the device, Now this how we describe Hippocrates…

Nokia still unclear with the future of their joint venture with Intel regarding the Meego OS, they still call it the Experimental venture, which seems like an insult to it considering the potential it has and the fact it’s way way better than the Traditional symbian OS and with a little love and care from the developers it could have taken android and iOS head on but I guess it was not to be.

So what is the Future of nokia? Is it WP7 or Meego? what will happen to Symbian? In the coming days of MWC this will all be answered or at least raised quite a few times.