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X10 Family may get the Eclair(2.1) update this Weekend

Sony-Ericsson-Xperia-X10Sony Ericsson have posted on their official blog that the X10 will get the Android 2.1 update this starting this sunday, October 31st, 2010. The update is supposed to roll out in Stages, Starting from the Nordic Countries (It’s their how country) and then rest of Europe. The updates will continue to roll out through the november and most probably by the time all phone on android 2.1 get 2.2 and those on 2.2 will be on 2.3(December end), all X10 phones will be updated.

The key changes for the different products are the following:

Xperia X10:
• HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos
• Upgrade of the Android platform to Android 2.1
• New back up and restore application, with extended content back up
• 5 homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders
• Social phonebook which automatically syncs contact pictures from Facebook and shows when your friends are online

Xperia X10 mini and X10 mini pro:
• Improved Bluetooth functionality with support for sending and receiving pictures, contacts and more
• New backup and restore application with extended content back up
• Automatic synchronization of your contact pictures between Facebook and your phone book
• Improved ways of handling pictures, audio, text and numbers in your messages
• Upgrade of the Android platform to Android platform 2.1

So still no Video recording to the X10 Mini sisters and no flash, Multitouch or 16Million Colour Screen for any X10 phones. Also no need to mention the fact that no Android 2.2 Features and I am sure X10 users now even have stopped hoping for any future updates.