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Xperia S launched in India – Price as Expected!

TG Xperia S

Sony first launched the Xperia S at the CES’2012 this January. Xperia S is Sony’s first phone after their joint venture ended with Ericsson, pretty high hopes on the success of this device.

The Xperia S has a Dual Core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and is Running Android 2.3 (promise to upgrade to 4.0). It has a 4.3 inch a screen with a 720p HD resolution of 720 x 1280 px and a 12MP camera that can take shoot 1080P full HD videos.

Sony Xperia S price India

Xperia S also has some unique traits, like the the White strip changes colours depending on the function of the user interface, high resolution screen does make stuff beautiful. Sony has also replaced the ‘Home, Settings and Back’ with three dots, it’s style thing but after some time you will get used to it.